to The Hive

The mint for our first collection started on Sunday 29/05/2022

with a collection size of 5760 Bees.


Bees minted


Bees left

The mint for The Bee Hive Collection started on Sunday 19/06/2022

with a collection size of 550 Bee Hives.

This is an addition to the first collection. You can check it out on Soonaverse.


Bee Hives minted


Bee Hives left

#1 Airdrop Snapshot is done.

#1 Airdrop was on 10/07/2022 – 12pm UTC

#2 Airdrop Snapshot is done.

#2 Airdrop was on 14/08/2022 – 12pm UTC

#3 Airdrop Snapshot is done

#3 Airdrop was on 10/01/2022 – 12pm UTC

#4 Airdrop Snapshot is on…


#4 Airdrop is on 10/28/2022 – 12pm UTC

This is the multiplier table for The Bees and The Bee Hive collections.


  • Q2 / 2022


    Release the first Collection - The Bees

  • Q2 / 2022

    Airdrop Snapshots


    Q2 / 2022

  • Q2 - Q3 / 2022


    Release the second Collection - The Hornets

  • Q3 / 2022

    Airdrop Snapshots


    Q3 / 2022

  • Q2 / 2022 - Q1 / 2023


    Build the Ecosystem around The Hive

What is The Hive?

We build a complete standalone ecosystem around our collections. You will be able to play, trade, fight, collect and much more in the future of The Hive.

We will release more about our plans for the ecosystem when we are ready. Currently we are working on our second collection.

Hive Token Distribution

Hive tokens are only available through our NFT collections. There is no other way to get tokens.

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